The MMK Traditional Thanksgiving Blessing

Traditional Thanksgiving BlessingIn anticipation of you gathering around your Thanksgiving table, I’d like to offer you the MMK traditional Thanksgiving blessing.

May you always be surrounded by family and friends.

May you value the bounty you have in your life.

May you experience many blessings and good tidings.

May you enjoy peace and prosperity.

May you know only goodness and comfort.

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And Then He Was 10

And Then he Was 10Hey Dad, look at me.

SJ, my younger son is no longer 9. He has said goodbye to single digits. And then he was 10.

It Feels Momentous

Not momentous in a way where everything is radically different. He’s not going to high school, learning how to drive, having his first beer, moving out of the house, starting a job, or getting married.

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I Need Your Support

Support MMKIn a few days, we, the citizens of the United States, will be picking a president. I’ve made the decision not to support any of the presidential candidates. I’ll write in a candidate. Don’t ask me who. I’ve yet to decide. My vote is one of protest rather than one for a particular individual.

The Idea

As a college student, I was shy. So, going to parties and meeting people was a challenge. After inquiring about a major, if the person did not share my obsession with sports or Springsteen, I had little else to say. No game!

There was one conversation starter I did share with people that often drew a reaction, “I’m running for president in 2020. I hope I can count your support.”  By the way, this statement came with some thought. I figured I would be a nice round age in 2020 and will have accomplished great things by then. It would be time to give back before sliding into a lengthy and pleasant retirement.

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