Attendance Counts

Attendance CountsIt’s still dark out when I arrive in the synagogue parking lot. As I enter the building, I try wiping the tired out of my eyes.

I don’t succeed.

Over the past two plus weeks, morning service has started extra early. This is necessary in order to go through the selichot prayers (During these prayers, we ask for forgiveness not on account of our capabilities but primarily through God’s 13 attributes of mercy, which are the central theme of the service.).

These prayers culminate on the morning before Yom Kippur. This year Yom Kippur arrives on Tuesday night. It’s known as the Day of Atonement and is considered the holiest day of the year. This day provides one an opportunity to repent for past sins, missteps, etc, (as well as a time to ask for — in the new year). However, true repentance does not happen in a day.

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21 Days and I’m Still Here

21 Days and I'm Still HereThree weeks. 21 days. That can be a long time or a short time. It all depends on what’s being measured.

In this case, it’s time between blog posts.

Three weeks in between blog posts here at MeMyselfandKids is unprecedented. In the five plus years (I can’t believe it’s that long either) I’ve been blogging, I’ve never gone even close to as long as twenty one days between posts.

I used to post twice a week and add a bonus post on Summer Fridays. Last year, I went down to posting once a week. My goal is to get the post out on Friday morning. But of course, life happens and sometimes I can’t keep to my blog schedule.

So, why 21 days?

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