Not Always Best Friends: Twelve is a Funny Age

Not Always Best FriendsBR met IL in kindergarten. Before September was over, I was hearing about IL regularly. While walking one morning, BR told me, “IL is the best friend a guy could have.”

The first play date BR had outside of our neighborhood was with IL. I was nervous when I left him there. BR was excited. When I picked him up two hours later, BR was still smiling.

The boys seemed to understand and appreciate each other in a way that others did not. They were their own group and in their own world.

Not Always Best Friends

It’s been two years since BR and IL have been together in the same school. When Mrs. MMK and I pulled BR from school, we made sure to tell him that we would schedule play dates with IL regularly. And they have gotten together regularly since then. Of course, life is busy, and the definition of regularity continues to lengthen.

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Need to Appreicate

AppreciateCrackers, dry toast, and bananas.

No, this is not the ingredients to a crazy new diet scheme. Or maybe it is – I don’t know.

But it is what made up my diet for the first few days of the week.

And it’s not about me trying to lose weight, or having given up on taste, or revolting against food shopping.

My stomach was acting up.

I’ll spare you the details. You’re welcome.

On Wednesday night, I had table food. It was almost as exciting as when BR and SJ started eating real food. Okay, over dramatic.

None the less, I was happy to eat and happier to have no after affects other than a few moments of quaking.

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Where Are You From? The Lessons of Rocky and Philadelphia


Iconic Rocky statue in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Where are you from?

This question often serves as an icebreaker when people first meet each other. The right answer can start a conversation and forge a connection.

It’s also a simple question.

For most people.

For me, this question is not so simple.

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Some Day We’ll Share A Memory

Some Day We'll Remember and Share A MemoryI’m obsessed with memory.  When does it start? What makes a memory? What impact does it have?

Recently, my brother told me that he read that the time people remember best is around 9-11 (can’t remember exact number he said – no pun intended). Anyway, according to what he read, there is more room for memory in the mind then – less clogged. In addition, it is around that age you are becoming more cognizant.

SJ is nine and will be ten in November. So, this is right in his wheelhouse. This is his time to soak up memories like a sponge. These are the memories he will look back upon as he ages.

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