The Secret is Nothing

The Secret is Nothing.

Wisdom can be found wherever you are willing to let it in. Sounds like a fortune cookie, doesn’t it? Anyway, I think I made it up – feel free to quote me or tweet it. Even if I didn’t make it up, it’s something I believe very much. Another time when this credo was proven correct was this past week when I learned the secret is nothing.

My family and I saw previews for the third Kung Fu Panda movie prior to Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. It got some laughs. Since then, SJ had wanted to see Kung Fu Panda again, so we took the movie out of the library. SJ asked me to join him since I had never seen the movie. Bonding time – why not?

Here’s a summary for the uninitiated. For those who know the movie, skip to the next paragraph.

A panda, Po, is chosen to be the Dragon Warrior. The Dragon Warrior was to be the ultimate kung fu warrior. The choice was surprising because up to that point, Po had been working in his father’s noodle restaurant. On top of that, he was big, clumsy, and clueless in the ways of kung fu. Those who had been trained and were excellent at kung fu were disappointed at not being chosen and doubtful that Po was the chosen one. There’s a desperate need for the Dragon Warrior because an evil warrior has escaped prison and is headed toward the town looking to take revenge.  Ultimately, Po trains and proves his mettle by defeating the evil warrior and saving the town.

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