Respecting the Other: I Don’t Think You’re an Idiot

Respect the OtherI have strong opinions about the presidential candidates. There are a couple that I particularly like and a couple who I strongly disapprove of.

This blog is entitled Me Myself and Kids. I take that moniker seriously. Those of you who are regular visitors know, I rarely venture outside of the mission I’ve set for myself. People who come to a blog with the title Me Myself and Kids have a right to expect parenting and family related material. Though I often talk about myself with little mention of the children, I imagine the topics could be on the minds of other parents.

Throat cleared.

Thanks for reading this far. This post will be outside of my normal purview. I hope you’ll choose to read on.

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I Don’t Want My Children to Just Be Happy

I Don’t Want My Children to Just Be Happy“I just want my children to be happy.”  How many times have I heard parents say this? The proclamation comes off as if it is wise and understanding.

But it gets worse!

There’s the addition, “Know what I mean?”

Look if you are saying you don’t want your children to grow up and be miserable… well, then, of course I know what you mean. What parent does?

But if you mean something like my only wish for my children is for them to be happy –  then, no I don’t know what you mean. In fact, I don’t even believe you. I’m sure you want more than mere happiness for your child.

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Let Our Stars Fade

Let Our Stars FadeGrammy Night: The guitarists strummed their guitars with great force and speed. Flames were bursting out all around the stage. In the middle of this loud dramatic scene stood Alice Cooper. He of the black makeup around his eyes as if he were a ghoul with music serving as his prey.

One question – Why can’t we let our stars fade?

Alice Cooper reached the zenith of his fame in the 70’s. The man is now nearly 70 years old. His cheeks are puffy, and he looks annoyed. At one point, the pissed-off look was probably part of his persona – the angry bad ass rocker. Now, I imagine he’s more like Krusty the Klown. He gets off stage and is hacking and cranky – for real.

The whole thing seemed pitiful. I don’t blame Alice. I’m sure he was professional and performed to the best of his ability. My guess is that Alice might even love this. After all, he’s been playing and performing since his teen years. This is what he does. This is who he is.

It’s we, the public, who are pitiful. We can’t let our stars fade.

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