Help Me – I Need a Diversion

Sports Diversion

With the world going mad and sense seemingly lost, we need diversions.

I had a diversion, but it’s gone now.

You see there are two key elements to a diversion – it takes your mind off of another matter, and it is pleasant. defines diversion this way: distraction from business, care, etc.; recreation; amusement; a pastime:

So, when you can’t handle hearing any more of the horrific news of late, you need a diversion, something pleasant.

Maybe that diversion is cooking, singing, playing video games, or playing with your pet rock. Whatever – I’m not here to judge.

Anyway, I had a diversion. It was one that brought me great joy even though, at times, it also brought me disappointment.

But now all this diversion seems to do is bring me frustration. It’s left me muttering more often than the oddball you see on the train on your commute home from work.

What is this diversion you may be asking? Well, the diversion is being a fan and follower of the Philadelphia sports teams.

They all stink!

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