Thanksgiving: Creating a Tradition

Thanksgiving Dinner

Remember when you were a kid and every year on Thanksgiving you would… and on July 4th you would…

Can you fill in the blanks? I’m sure if you can’t fill in the blanks for those holidays, there are others where you had a standing tradition. You looked forward to it, and the holiday was not complete without it. You went through a stage in your teens where you rolled your eyes at this tradition.

As you look back on your childhood, it’s those traditions you remember. It’s those traditions that make you smile and form the picture in your mind when the holiday comes up. It’s those traditions you talk about with anyone who will listen.

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My Son is In Middle School: Now What?

BR: The middle school boy hard at work.

At least he’s at the kitchen table – that’s some time together.

Babies are born completely helpless. They need help for everything. EVERYTHING. Burping, bathing, eating, drinking, dressing – oh my!

Slowly, the baby grows and needs less and less assistance from the parent.  So you, the parent, pull back and allow your child the space to do more and more on his/her own.

Then, they’re 11-years-old and in middle school, and they don’t want your help with anything. Hell, they’re offended if you even offer your assistance because it’s as if you don’t trust them or you don’t believe in them.

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The Words I Had to Say

Happy birthday!The thought came out of nowhere and enveloped me. I have to be home.  I need to be home.

I called home.

“Is SJ up? He didn’t fall asleep – did he?”

“No, why?”

“I want to see him.”

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, fine. Listen I’m going to leave the meeting early. I want to come home. I need to talk to SJ.”

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Star Wars Birthday Party Madness!

Star Wars Birthday Party MadnessLater this week SJ will turn 9. However, his birthday party was last week, so the actual day feels anti-climactic. Especially after this birthday party!

Planning the party was simple. Yes, Ms. MMK did the planning, so it was very simple for me. But still, one of the biggest challenges of planning the party is coming up with a theme and activities. I recently told you about SJ’s love of Star Wars, so the theme was set. He has yet to see Return of the Jedi and decided that’s what he wanted to do at his party.

It sounded like a reasonable request. Again, he loves Star Wars and so do a bunch of his friends. They play Star Wars at recess with the kids taking different characters. SJ’s character of choice is Anakin.

Now, we’re veteran house party makers with past themes including Minions and video games. The kids have enjoyed them, and the house has been left standing. So, I was sure this party would go smoothly as well.

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