Say It!

microphoneSam Kinison yelled these words in the Rodney Dangerfield movie, ‘Back to School.’

For the uninitiated, here’s a quick summary of the movie. Dangerfield is wealthy but does not have a formal education. To motivate his son who is not particularly interested in school, Dangerfield enrolls in college. Kinison has a brief role as an out of control history professor.

Anyway, I’ve quoted this line and scene before when trying to encouraging students to participate. The way I deliver this message is not nearly as dramatic as Kinison who is yelling in Dangerfield’s face when he says, “say it.” The point is the same: stop hesitating, say what you have to say and do so with conviction.

Movie Scene

Movie scene from Back to School

Well, the other night I started calling “say it,” to my boys.  Afterwards, we watched the clip from the movie and the boys were laughing. Later that night, I heard them yelling it out and then laughing some more.

We can add this clip to our repertoire. You see I’ve been showing my boys clips from some of my favorite comedy movies.

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