Six ‘News’ Items That I Don’t Care About

Celebrity news - I don't care.

Is this news?


We live in a world obsessed with celebrity, and thanks to the internet and social media, it’s all out there 24 hours a day.   These stories are passed off as news. 

I suppose there are some people that care about these ‘news’ stories. Don’t count me as one of them.

Here are six ‘news’ stories that have recently made the rounds that I do not care about:
1.       Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Solange – The media is all over this family tussle. Yes, famous celebrities and pretty people are involved – I get it.  Full disclaimer – I did not even know the name Solange until yesterday and could not pick her out of a lineup. By the way, would anybody be surprised to see her end up in a lineup?  
2.       Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding – This story – shudder as you say that – is on the cover of every supermarket magazine. Trust me – I do the food shopping in my family. What is she wearing? Where is the bachelorette party? Will North be the ringbearer?  Sigh. Enough of these needy celebrity whores.
3.       George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin –  Hey, George Clooney, Mr. Bachelor, is engaged to be married. I have to admit I read an article about the happy couple. And one was enough. In fact, it was plenty.
4.       NFL Draft – I love sports, football included. However, between the pre-draft, draft, and post-draft analysis, the hype on news outlets has been overkill. Seriously, how can the draft experts grade the draft the day after it happens? If the NFL Draft was such an exact science, why did Tom Brady go in the sixth round?
5.       Donald Sterling – His words were disgusting. His attitude toward African-Americans is abhorrent. But the story has passed. The NBA has done what it can do. No interview with him, or his wife, or his girlfriend are necessary. It drags out an ugly episode when it would be best to move forward. Sterling has gotten 15 minutes more than he deserves.
6.       Star Wars Cast – Yes, the original Star Wars movies are timeless and beyond popular. Yes, I will probably see the new movies. However, the new movies are not coming till the summer of 2015. The no-name actors stepping into the roles are being analyzed, reviewed and discussed as if they are running for president.  Just let the movie be made and released before it gets analyzed to death.
What ‘news’ stories have you shutting down your phone or turning off the TV?
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I Hate Mothers Day

Hate Mothers Day

I hate Mothers Day!

I am not a misogynist. Far from it.

In fact, I love and respect women –especially mothers.

Particularly my own mother and my wife, the mother of my children.

Yet, I hate Mother’s Day.

Yes, I do think mothers deserve a special day. Yes, I do believe that mothers are the glue to our society.

But I still hate Mother’s Day and here’s why. Continue reading


Feeling Stretched

Feeling stretched these days?

I had a Stretch Armstrong as a kid. Remember that toy?

My neighbor and best friend, MG, and I played with that toy a lot. Stretch Armstrong, however, was quite a simple toy.
He was an extremely muscular figure – probably steroid induced but Kenner did not mention that on the box – that could be stretched greatly. In fact, no matter how much Stretch Armstrong was pulled the plastic rubber figure would return to its original shape.
You can be sure that MG and I spent many hours seeing just how far Stretch Armstrong would stretch. We each would take an arm or leg of Stretch and then move in opposite directions. Yet, whatever we did, Stretch Armstrong would snap back and return to his original shape.
Stretching Stretch Armstrong as far as we could provided us with hours of joy. Ahh, those were the days.
Fast forward to the current time. I am being stretched like MG and I use to Stretch Armstrong. Between work, home life, and extra curriculars, I feel overwhelmed. Things are being put off, done poorly, or slipping through the cracks completely.
Each weekend, I try to pull it together and return to my normal shape like Stretch. Unfortunately, I think I am becoming amorphous.
Please people, if you have any tips so that I can regain my shape, do share.

P.S. Stretch Armstrong did eventually break. I don’t want to break.


Children, Say Hello to Ladybird

BIRDHOMEA couple years ago I wrote a post about our feathered guest. Well, after a one year hiatus, apparently Ladybird found love again.  
Yes, Ladybird has returned to the bush outside of our home and turned it into her maternity ward.
For 3 years straight, my family and I have been hosting an uninvited guest. This guest comes to our home and stays for weeks at a time. Not only that, this guest goes through a major life cycle event each visit.
Each spring the 7-foot bush that stands right next to our front door turns into a delivery ward as “Ladybird” (my children named her) builds her nest, lays her eggs, sits atop her eggs, hatches her babies, cares for her babies, and ultimately sends her babies away. The whole process seems to take about six weeks. This scene has served as an up-close Discovery Channel program for my family, and we love it.
With great excitement and anticipation, my children follow Ladybird and her flock (this year she laid three blue eggs). They peek their heads around to check out the progression of nature each time they pass the tree.
Clearly, Ladybird did not select our house for the peace and quiet. My wife takes pictures of each stage. I give out cigars when the babies are born to celebrate the blessed day.
Well, maybe not, but there is a palpable energy in our home when Ladybird’s chicks are hatched. This is the closest my wife and I will come to extending our family, and the closest my children have got to a pet.
I’m not sure how many more years Ladybird will be using our home as her nursery. This year Ladybird was later than usual. She also flew away anytime someone walked past her nest. This begs the question – where is her maternal instinct? Also, what about a father? Would it kill him to stop hunting for worms and check up on his family?
Well, I do not know much about birds and am not an animal person by nature. But Ladybird has become a part of my family experience, and taught us a bit about nature. We look forward to having her come back in the future, and the best part is we don’t have to prepare or clean up.
What a guest!