What Does the Fox Say?

Really, what does the fox say?

Fox in it's natural habitat

What Does the Fox Say?

It’s a Sunday night, and I am getting ready for the week.

Nothing glamorous. Lunch packed, clothes laid out, briefcase organized. That sort of thing. Know what I mean.

Meanwhile, BR is messing around with his Kindle.

At the moment, he is listening to the Ylvis song, What Does the Fox Say? You must have heard of this song. The youtube video has 286,995,136 views and more than two and a half million likes.

I asked my son about the song.

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When Faith Requires Saying No to Children

I’ve chosen a life of faith. I am an observant Jew who strives to be mindful of my religion while living in the modern world. Despite frustrations and disappointments, confusions and uncertainties, I am content with my choice. I have gained great comfort, joy, understanding, and a sense of community via practicing my faith.

I was not brought up practicing this lifestyle. I consciously chose to live a life of faith when I was in my 20’s. I was an adult, and I made a personal decision knowing there would be restrictions, knowing there would be “no’s.”

What about children who are brought up in a household of faith?

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Smile Children and the Internet Could Be Mine

Blogging Staistics

Not the statistics from my blog.

I want to own the internet. Yes, that’s what I want.

Some of the guys in my Dad Bloggers Facebook group joke about this.

Nearly every one of these guys blogs has a gazillion followers and thousands of likes. And has gone viral.

So, why not me?

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All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go: The Party That Never Was

The ingredients were purchased.

Fonzi's freezer holding food from the Post- Chanukah Chanukah Party

Fonzi’s freezer holding food from the Post- Chanukah Chanukah Party

The food was made.

The house was cleaned.

The chairs were arranged.

The gifts were bought.

And then came the phone calls. Texts. And emails.

Forty two people were supposed to be in my home today for a Post-Chanukah Chanukah party. That’s nearly as many Jews as went down to Egypt during Jacob’s time. It’s also nearly every relative I have from my side of the family (other than those that are out of country). And each relative was going to bring a dish to complement the food that my wife had already cooked.

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