Larry the Tutor

The deadline looms. Stress is mounting.

You want your child to do well, and he/she wants to achieve their best.

But your child is stuck. The essay assignment which once seemed manageable is now unwieldy and confusing. Uncertainty reins.

Don’t let frustration get you down.

As an educator with experience at both the high school and college level, I can help you with those seemingly overwhelming assignments.

Larry has worked as a tutor with my two children for the past year. He has a great rapport with them and has helped them to write better essays and research papers. Larry brings innovative techniques which helps my children to bring out a higher level of vocabulary. Larry is always available at a moments’ notice. He goes beyond the call of duty to assure that his student’s work is nothing less than excellent.M. Besthof

I’ve worked with students on last minute assignments in multiple subjects. With an ability to talk out and see through to the assignment, a discerning eye, and strong writing skills, I enable students to crush that last minute assignment and make the grade.

All the work is done online, with contact by phone or Skype.

So, as the deadline approaches, strop stressing, and contact me at or 347 200 5009.

I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Larry to work with any student who needs help with English and writing. He is thorough, kind, caring, and patient. He assisted my daughter who has learning challenges with her high school application essay. He was a tremendous help to her. We were extremely happy when she was accepted into the high school of her choice. G. Riskin


  • ACT: English
  • ACT: Reading
  • ACT: Writing
  • SAT: Reading
  • SAT: Writing and Language
  • College Application Essay
  • Graduate School Statement
  • Creative Writing
  • Essay writing
  • Homework Help
Larry worked with two of my children on their college entrance essay. He was accessible, kept me informed, and interacted easily with my children.E. Zolty


Communication is the key to being a successful tutor. My experience has taught me how to establish a rapport and communicate with young people. The most important element in establishing said rapport is to always understand and appreciate the needs of each individual tutee.

So regardless of whether your child is naturally interested in reading and writing or needs that extra push, they will feel comfortable in the supportive, encouraging, and enthusiastic environment that I will create with them. In such an environment, tutees will flourish and strive to maximize their skills.

Larry was a terrific tutor for our son Zack. He was patient and extremely knowledgeable about the college placement tests. He helped raise our son’s reading score on the ACT to the level where he was able to apply to an Honors Program. In addition, he helped our son write his college essays which ultimately got him accepted to the Honors Program of his choice.D. Greenberg


As a tutor for your son or daughter, I make you three promises.

I will:

  1. Develop individualized tutoring programs to enable your child to reach his/her potential.
  2. Treat both you and your child in a professional and respectful manner.
  3. Ensure you are regularly updated on your child’s progress.

Any questions? Please contact me so we can discuss your child’s learning needs.

Larry tutored my daughter to prepare her for the SAT writing and critical reading section. I was truly impressed with his dedication, patience, and ability to communicate with teenagers. He is an honest person who shows tremendous integrity. He kept me informed throughout the process and was clear about the challenges and what he could accomplish. My daughter’s scores and her confidence in taking the exam went sky high because of Larry!B. Laskin