Taken The Punch

Rose Colored Glasses“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Mike Tyson.

In my last post, I’m Putting on Rose Colored Glasses, I spoke about my optimism for the coming year. I shared my plan to see things in their best light and make the most of the coming year.

I also noted that plans will go awry and frustrations and disappointments will occur.

And I was right.

Last week, I took the punch, a double shot on the chin, in the work realm. Details and reasons are not relevant. Stuff happens. However, the consequences of this double shot is that a significant chunk of my income was lost.

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Hanukah: More Important Than Presents

Food to be delivered for Hanukah MealsParent: So, what’s your favorite Jewish Holiday?
Child: Hanukah.
Parent: What’s your favorite part about Hanukah? The special foods, the lights, the..
Parent: So, uhh, what could you do to make Hanukah even better?
Child: More presents.

While the above conversation is fictional, it could easily be true. After all, what child does not like presents?

You should see my house on one of the eight crazy nights of Hanukah. After we in the MMK household light the Hanukah menorah and sing the traditional song, Mrs. MMK and I give the boys their presents.

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Before the Car Ride

Before The Car RideMany of us will be hopping in the car and traveling somewhere over the next few days. While our destinations vary, many of us have similar plans. We’ll be spending time with family and friends, giving and opening presents, reminiscing about the past year, and sharing plans for the upcoming year.

Doubts and fears. Dreams and wishes. It’s a time for sharing.

And we parents will try to enjoy ourselves while we hope our children will look back on this time fondly. The memory should go beyond the Facebook update and be something our children can look back upon some day and smile.

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