Growing Up in a Complicated World

Growing Up in a Complicated WOrldIt’s a complicated world. Yeah, I know that’s not a newsflash.

This week my family and I celebrate a meaningful moment in BR’s life. He becomes Bar Mitzvah. He enters a new phase in his life and is viewed in a different light. It’s a toehold into the adult world. As he turns 13 and formally enters the teen years, he is on the verge of big changes, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.The boy is growing up.

Exciting. Time for reflection. Special. Memorable.

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All the World’s a Stage

All the World's a StageIt’s 11:11. I like that time – something about the symmetry. I used to say it out loud every time I saw it. Silly, I know. Whatever.

I’ve been thinking about roles in life.

This blog focuses primarily on my role as a father. It’s one I take seriously. It’s also one that has brought me great joy. And great frustration. And great concern.

But it’s not my only role. I’m a husband, son, brother, friend, and so much more. Each role has different demands, expectations, and requirements.

Sometimes, I wonder – what about me?

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Baseball and Batman: A Week Off Together

A Week off TogetherIt’s been over two years since I was teaching full time at a high school in Brooklyn. While it seems like much more than that in many ways, I still vividly recall the peaceful feeling during week long breaks. Seriously, ahhhhh.

While those days are long gone for me, week long breaks still happen for my children. And this past week was one such week. They are serious about the presidents in our town here in North Jersey.

One of the great things about the week off is the ease it brings the boys. There’s no pressure of homework, rushing off to school, or getting to bed at a particular hour.

My children, like most kids their age, are thrilled to have the week off from school. At this point, they need little dad entertainment time. Both are happy to waste a day away on their electronics – whether its Youtube, Sporcle (BR is constantly doing baseball quizzes), etc. That and some hangouts (they don’t call them playdates anymore – too mature for that. Duhhh!) and they are content.

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