Same as it Ever Was: Thoughts on The Final School Day of the Year

Same as it ever was.
Same as it ever was.

I hear the lyrics to the Talking Heads song, ‘Once in a Lifetime,’ as I pull up to BR and SJ’s schools. Upon hearing the song, my first though is of David Byrne’s herky jerky dancing and karate chopping movements along his arm in the song’s video.

My next thought is, no it isn’t. Sames as it ever was, that is.

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Parents Watching Movies

Parents Watching MoviesI love watching movies. Don’t ask me to list a top 10. Too hard.

While I have not been a regular movie theater goer in a while – three times a year seems about right – well that is if you don’t count kids movies, I’m happy to sit down and watch a movie. And it’s not just for an excuse to munch munch on popcorn. Serious movie fan!

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13 Years in the Making

Bar Mitzvah Video: Through The YearsAt many bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, there is a video of the child through the years. There is a stop in the action, and a video is projected, and everyone stares.

The bar mitzvah video includes the baby pictures, family pictures, and  friend pictures. There are the aww pictures, vacation pictures, and being silly pictures.

For some reason, BR did not want Mrs. MMK and I to share a video of him with the 130 or so invited guests to his Bar Mitzvah.

Can’t imagine why not. You?

Anyway, while he wasn’t comfortable with us projecting the video for all to see, he did say it was okay to share it on my blog. Thanks Mrs. MMK for those negotiating skills.

And yes, I did mention his bar mitzvah in a previous post. This part of the celebration was for family, friends, and neighbors.

But really, do you need another reason to have a party?

By the way, both picture and music selection and arrangement were by Mrs. MMK. She’s got skills.

Pardon me while I enjoy the retrospective. Feel free to join me. Here it is:  the bar mitzvah video

I hope you like it. But please, remember, don’t embarrass BR. I’ll never hear the end of it!