Our Version of Sunday Adventure

Our Sunday Adventure“So, who wants to do something fun?”

No reaction.

“We’ve been in the house all day, and it’s beautiful outside. We have to get out. Don’t you wanna get outta here?”

Content to lounge around staring at an electronic, neither BR nor SJ was interested in leaving the homestead. A youtube induced slumber had descended upon them again had entranced them again. Their eyes glazed over as another Sunday was slipping away.

Not this time. We were getting out of the house this Sunday. I was determined to get out of the house even if it was to appease my stir crazy self. We were going to have an adventure.

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The Rain Ends Somewhere

“My teacher told us a story,” BR recalled as we pulled up the house after a day at camp.

“Uh huh,” Mrs. MMK and I nodded from the front seat.

“It was raining in her front yard but not in her back yard.”

“Cool. Well, the rain has to end somewhere, right?” I said.

He agreed.

“It’s just we don’t get to see the rain line very often. When we’re in the middle of it, we don’t rarely see the end. But somewhere is an end.”

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Youthful Enthusiasm: It’s Tomorrow Today

Youthful Enthusiasm: It's Tomorrow Today* This is an edited version of a post that appeared on memyselfandkids.com back in the summer of 2011. It’s my contribution to Throwback Thursday.

Dye your hair, rid yourself of wrinkles, enhance your energy etc.

All you have to do is turn on the television, scan your phone, flip on your computer, or open a newspaper/magazine to see/read some sort of advertisement whose stated goal is to make you look or feel younger.

We live in a culture where there is a drive to be young. While I wish I had a full head of hair, when I wonder what it would be like to be younger again, it has nothing to do with the physical.

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Rucksack Memories and Changes

Traveling Changes People

                                Traveling Changes People.

Feeling nostalgic and contemplative over my rucksack wearing days as July 19th marks 25 years since my first trip began.

It was four days after I graduated college and two days after my birthday that I began an adventure which impacts me to this day. The adventure lasted parts of the next three years. During that time, I meandered through Europe, Western and Southwestern United States, and the Middle East.

I suppose you could stay I was finding myself. However, I don’t like that term. I wasn’t lost. I did, however, discover certain things and got to see a hell of a lot along the way.

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